Describe the Myocardial infarction in Pakistan. 

Difficulty: Medium

Myocardial infarction in Pakistan:

According to a survey cardiovascular disorders were reported as the cause of 12% of the adult deaths in Pakistan (Source: Federal Bureau of Statistics of Pakistan) Hypertension (blood pressure higher than normal) is the most common risk factor for cardiovascular disorders in Pakistan and there are over 12 million hypertension patients in Pakistan. Furthermore, 85% of patients in rural areas are unaware of their hypertension. Pakistan is among the top 10 world nations for high numbers of people with diabetes. About 10% of our population is diabetic. According to the World Health Organization, in Pakistan 1 in 7 urban adult males is obese. Among obese people, 22% are male, 38% are females (24-44 years) and 40% are females (45-64 years).

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