Write a story with the moral, “Haste makes waste”

Difficulty: Medium

Haste makes the waste.

Once, there was a hunter. He had a beautiful hound. One day, the hunter went hunting. He did not take the hound with him. It was left at home with his son.

When the hunter came back, he found his son missing. The hound was standing at the gate. It was all blood-stained. The hunter thought that the hound had killed his son. He became very angry. He at once killed the hound. After this, he saw bloodstains everywhere in the house. He was very sad and surprised.

After some time his son came out of his room. He told his father all about the happening. He told that a hungry wolf had come into the house to eat him. But the hound attacked it in time and killed it. Hearing this, the hunter began to cry at his haste in killing his faithful hound.


  Haste makes the waste.