What is meant by Vernier constant?

Difficulty: Medium

Least Count (LC)/ Vernier constant:

                 The difference between one small division on the main scale division and one on the Vernier scale division is 0.1 mm. it is called the most minor count (LC) of the Vernier Calipers.

Least count of Vernier Calipers can also be found as given below:

Least count of Vernier Calipers = $\frac{Smallest \: reading \: on \: main \: scale}{Number \: of \: decision \: on \: vernier \: scale}$

                                                  = $\frac{1mm}{10 \:Division}$ = 0.1 mm

                                           LC   =  0.1 mm = 0.01 cm 



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