Narrate the main points about the Implementation of 3rd June 1947 Plan.

Difficulty: Hard

Implementation of 3rd June 1947 Plan:

    1. Boundary Commission:

      Majority of the members of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab voted in favor of Pakistan. It was decided to divide Punjab and the task was assigned to a Boundary Commission. A British Advocate, Sir Radcliff, was appointed the chairman of the commission. Two Muslim judges, Justice Shah Din, and Justice Muhammad Munir, and two Non-Muslim judges, Justice Mehr Chand Mahajin and Justice Teja Singh were appointed as representatives of Muslims and Non-Muslims respectively. Sir Radcliff, under the influence of Lord Mountbatten made unjust decisions. District Gurdaspur was a district of Muslim majority, but three of its Tehsils were included in India. The Muslim majority districts of Jalnadher and Ferozepur were also not handed over to Pakistan. Another injustice was done to Pakistan by giving Mudhupur Head Works.

    2. Un-justice in many Muslim majority areas:

      Sir Radcliff was also the chairman of the Boundary Commission constituted for the province of Bengal. Among the Muslim Judges Justice Abu Saleh Muhammad Akram and Justice S.A. Rehman whereas among the Non-Muslim Judges Justice C.C.  Baswas and Justice B.A. Mukherjee was appointed to assist Sir Radcliff. While partitioning Bengal into Muslim majority and non-Muslim majority, injustice, as it was done in Punjab, was done and many Muslim majority areas were given to India. Pakistan was deprived of the Muslim majority districts of Calcutta, Murshadabad and Nadia. Anyhow, the decision was made that the eastern part of the province of Bengal should be included in Pakistan.

    3. Referendum:

      A referendum was conducted in NWFP (KPK). The majority of the people decided in favor of Pakistan. All India Muslim League won a historical success. Leaders of the Muslim League, Sirdar Abdur Rab Nishtar, Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan and Peer manki toured the whole of the province and the results came up to their expectations. Thus N.W.F.P (KPK) became a part of Pakistan. Majority of the members of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh also voted in favor of Pakistan. Thus, Sindh province became a part of Pakistan.

    4. Tremendous Campaign in favor of Pakistan:

      The members of Quetta Municipality and Shahi Jirga decided to join Pakistan unanimously. Qazi Muhammad Issa, Nawab Muhammad Khan Jogezai and Mir Jafer Jamali launched a tremendous campaign in favor of Pakistan. Nawab of Kallat supported Pakistan. Thus, Baluchistan was included in Pakistan.

    5. A referendum in District Sylhet:

      In district Sylhet, a referendum was conducted. Muslim League launched a campaign. Leaders like Moulana Bhashani, Chaudhary Fazl-ul-Qadir and Abdus Saboor Khan worked hard day and night. The people decided in favor of Pakistan. Thus, Sylhet became a part of Pakistan.

    6. Less Muslims Provinces included in India:

      It was decided that the provinces like Assam, U.P, C.P, Madras, Bombay (Mumbai), Bihar and Orissa where Muslims were less in number as compared to the non-Muslims should be included in India.