Give a brief account of the causes of the Indo-Pak War 1965

Difficulty: Medium

  Indo-Pak War 1965:

India committed open aggression against Pakistan to materialize its expansionist intentions and attacked Pakistan on the night of 6 September. Although Pakistan had far fewer military and economic resources as compared to those of India, the Armed Forces of Pakistan, filled with the spirit of Jihad, forced an enemy many times bigger than it to face a humiliating defeat. A brief account of the causes of the September 1965 war that lasted for 17 days is given below:

  1. India, intoxicated with power, started a war against China in 1962 and was defeated badly. Afterward, to remove this stigma, India tried to occupy the disputed territory of Rann of Kutch but had to face a total defeat. Thus, to restore its lost dignity, India started a war against Pakistan.
  2. General Elections were to be held in India. Congress wanted to win these elections. It decided to conquer Pakistan to get votes from the voters.