Differentiate between mass and weight.

Difficulty: Medium

Mass and weight:




1.The quantity of matter contained in a body is called its mass.

1.Weight is a force with which earth attracts a body towards its centre.

2.The mass of a body remains constant everywhere, whether it is measured at a point far away from the centre of the earth, or the surface at the centre of the earth.

2.The weight of a body is not a constant in quantity but its value is different at different places.

3.Mass is a scalar quantity.

3.Weight is a vector quantity and is always directed towards the centre of the earth.

4.The SI unit of mass is kilogram.

4.The SI unit of weight is newton.

5.Mass is measured by ordinary balance.

5.weight is measured by spring balance.

6.Mass of the body cannot be zero.

6. The weight of the body can be zero i,e at the centre of the earth and in space where g=0 so w=mg=m×0=0

7. It is the measure of inertia in a body i.e: m=

7. Weight is given by w=mg