Write a summary of the story in your own words retelling the nurse's struggle and how the problem was solved.

Difficulty: Medium

Nursing is an underrated profession in Pakistan. We do not value it the way we value some other professions. The story highlights the importance of nursing a nurse saves a profession of young as a profession and how the sincere effort and strong determination of a patient from a near crippling stage. In the beginning, as a nurse, she worked in the I.C.U of the neurology ward of a hospital. Earlier professional, she wished to save the life of every injured person. One day, a young girl accident victim, Hira was brought into the hospital. She had received severe head and spinal injuries. The nurse tried to do several exercises on her lifeless arms but in vain. The patient was a hopeless case in the eyes of senior doctors and they wanted to get the bed cleared for other patients. The nurse requested the senior doctors to let her stay in the I.C.U and allow her to attend to the patients. Her request was accepted. She continued to work with patience and kept doing exercises with her. The sincere efforts and strong determination of the young nurse save the patient from being crippled. She started walking on her own feet due to the tiring efforts of the young nurse.