Mashaal Masha
The Post Office is a 1912 play by Rabindranath Tagore, originally written in Bengali. The character Amal is a young boy who imagines that the people he sees passing the window of his home are carefree even when engaged in work or chores, as is evident when he says to the daughter of a flower seller, ________

Which quotation from The Post Office most effectively illustrates the claim?
Difficulty: Medium

"I see, you don't wish to stop; I don't care to stay on here either."


"Oh, flower gathering? That is why your feet seem so glad and your anklets jingle so merrily as you walk."


"I'll pay when I grow up--before I leave to look for work out on the other side of that stream there."


"Wish I could be out too. Then I would pick some flowers for you from the very topmost branches right out of sight."

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