Write a story on the topic "Union is Strength".
Difficulty: Easy

Union is the Strength

Once a farmer had three grown-up sons. They always quarrelled among themselves. Their father advised them to live in peace but it had no effect on them. He was worried about their future. One day the farmer fell seriously ill. He sent for his sons. He asked them to collect a handful of sticks, which they did at once. He tied the sticks into a bundle.

Now, he asked them to break the bundle one by one. They tried hard to break it but none could. At last, the farmer untied the bundle and asked each to break a single stick. They broke the single stick quite easily. Their father said, “My dear sons, you could not break the sticks as long as they remained tied together but you broke every single stick quite easily. They were strong in the bundle but became weak when separated from one another “united we stand divided we fall”.

This had a deep effect on the farmer’s sons. They gave up quarrelling and began to live in peace.


         union is the strength