Write a story on the topic" The thirsty crow".

Difficulty: Medium

Thirsty Crow

Once there was a thirsty crow. It had no water to drink for many hours. It flew about here and there in search of water but all in vain. At last, it saw a pitcher on the roof of a house. It came down and peeped into the pitcher. It saw some water in the bottom of the pitcher.

It tried to reach the water but could not do so. It hit upon a plan. It brought pebbles and threw them down one by one into the pitcher. Slowly the water began to rise in the pitcher.

After some time the water reached the brim of the pitcher. The crow quenched its thirst heartily and flew away. In this way, we see that with the help of little sense the crow was able to think of a way out of its difficulties.

Moral: necessity is the mother of invention