Write a story on the topic "The donkey trapped in his own trick".

Difficulty: Medium

The Donkey trapped in his own Trick


A villager had a donkey. He earned his living by transporting goods from place to place. In the early morning, he loaded the donkey with salt and set off to the town. A stream ran across his way to the market. As the donkey walked through the stream it slipped and fell down. A good deal of salt was washed away and the donkey felt light. The donkey thought was quite a good trick to make the load light.

The next morning the man again loaded it with salt. The donkey played the same trick and got light. The master saw through the game and made up his mind to teach the donkey a good lesson. Now on the third day, he put a bale of cotton on the donkey. The silly animal tried the same trick once more. Soaked with water the cotton load became much heavier than when it was dry.

The foolish donkey was punished for his bad intention.