Write a story on the topic "Robbers turn good citizens".

Difficulty: Medium

Robbers turn good citizens

Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani (God be pleased with him) had to undertake a journey when he was yet a young boy. His pious mother stitched up forty gold coins in his shirt. She advised he son to speak the truth always. He joined a caravan and set on his journey. When the caravan entered a forest, a gang of robbers fell on the travellers and deprived them of their valuables.

While they were busy, robbing everyone a robber happened to pass by the young boy. He said “boy, do you have anything on you? Yes” came the prompt reply: “I have forty gold coins”.

The robber asked the young boy to show the money which he really did. The robber took the boy to the leaders of the gang.

Like all other robbers, the leader was not a little surprised. He said, “Why did you not deny having money?” Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani told the robber Chief that his mother had advised him to speak the truth always. This had a deep effect on the Chief. He said, “Alas! I do not obey the commands of God while this little boy so faithfully follows the advice of his mother.

Remorse became a torch light to show him the right path. He made up his mind to give up his bad ways of earning a livelihood. He disbanded the gang and advised all the members to live honest life. Thus the example set by Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani reformed all the robbers. He grew up to be a great religious leader and a pious saint. He is held in great esteem by millions of his followers and devotees. He is popularly known as Ghasul-Azam Gilani.

Moral: honesty is the best policy