Write a dialogue between two friends on the effect of noise pollution and some solutions to it.

Difficulty: Medium

Ali: Hello Moosa, how’re you?
Moosa: Hi Ali, I’m fine, thanks. What about you?
Ali: I’m fine, too.
Moosa: Thais is a very noisy road indeed.
Ali: Yes. Vehicle horns, construction work sounds, etc. are creating noise pollution.
Moosa: Does it affect human health?
Ali: Yes, it does. Unwanted sounds can damage physical and mental health. Sound pollution can cause irritation and anger, high-stress levels, hearing loss, sleep disturbance, and harmful effects.
Moosa: That’s horrible.
Ali: Yes, it is. And day by day, the level of sound pollution is increasing in Bangladesh. Soon it’ll be too much to tolerate for us.
Moosa: We must take the necessary steps to stop this pollution. But how?
Ali: Yes, sound pollution can be reduced by limiting vehicle speeds and using traffic controls for smooth vehicle flow to reduce hard braking, over-taking, and speeding.
Moosa: What about noise from the industrial sector?
Ali: By using noise-reducing equipment and better materials, sound pollution can be controlled in these sectors.
Moosa: Isn’t there any kind of law against this?
Ali: There is a law limiting the level of sound, but people don’t obey the law. Most even of them don’t know about the law.
Moosa: That’s too bad.
Ali: Yes, it is. People should be more conscious of sound pollution in the future.
Moosa: I hope that too.
Ali: Anyway, see you later then.
Moosa: Goodbye.