Write a dialogue between two friends on “The Problems of Drug Addiction in Pakistan”.

Difficulty: Medium

Ali: Hi Ahmad. How are you?

Ahmad: Not good. I am just worried.

Ali: What happened?

Ahmad. It is so depressing and shocking for me to share that my brother has become a drug addict. We all are very much worried. We don't know what to do.

Ali: This is really depressing! You should take action against it.

Ahmad: What should we do?

Ali: First of all, you should keep a check on your brother's company. The rate of drug addiction is increasing day by day in Pakistan. And the condition is becoming worst. Company is a major factor in drug addiction.

Ahmad: Yes, you are right.

Ali: Yes, once they come in touch with drugs, they soon forget their own business and become uncontrollable. So, you should consult a doctor or rehabilitation center for treatment. The sooner it is done, it will be better for your brother.

Ahmad: Yes, we are consulting doctors for this.

Ali: You should also create awareness and guide your brother toward the right path. Have patience and you need a lot of hard work for this. But don't lose hope. Allah will find a way for your brother.

Ahmad: Ameen. Yes, you are right. We need to guide drug victims on the right path with constant consultation and support. They need us right now.

Ali: You are right. Don't worry. We will find a way.

Ahmad: Thank you, Ali.

Ali: No problem.