What is a measuring cylinder? Write the method to use the measuring cylinder?

Difficulty: Medium

Measuring cylinder:

 A measuring cylinder is a graduated glass cylinder marked in milliliters. It is used to measure the volume of a liquid and also to find the volume of an irregular-shaped solid object. It has a scale along its length that indicates the volume in milliliter (mL).

Measuring cylinders have different capacities from 100 mL to 2500 ml.


How to use a measuring cylinder:

While using a measuring cylinder, it must be kept vertical on a plane surface. Take a measuring cylinder. Place it vertically on the table. Pour some water into it. Note that the surface of the water is curved. The meniscus of the most liquids curves downwards while the meniscus of mercury curves upwards.


The correct method to note the level of a liquid:

The correct method to note the level of a liquid in the cylinder is to keep the eye at the same level as the meniscus of the liquid. It is incorrect to note the liquid level keeping the eye above the level of the liquid.

When the eye is above the liquid level, the meniscus appears higher on the scale. Similarly, when the eye is below the liquid level, the meniscus appears lower than the actual height of the liquid.

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