How can we measure the volume of small irregular shape objects which floats (a piece of cork) on the water by using a measuring cylinder?

Difficulty: Easy

Measuring the volume of an irregular shaped solid:

A measuring cylinder can be used to find the volume of a small irregular-shaped solid that sinks in water. Let us find the volume of a small stone. Take some water in. a graduated measuring cylinder. Note the volume V, of water in the cylinder. Tie the solid with a thread. Lower the solid into the cylinder till it is fully immersed in water. Note the volume Vi of water and the solid. The volume of the solid will be Vf — Vi


The students should know what to do in case of an accident. The charts or posters are to be displayed in the laboratory to handle situations arising from any mishap or accident. For your safety and the safety of others in the laboratory, follow the safety rules given below:

  1. Do not carry out any experiment without the permission of your teacher.
  2. Do not eat, drink, play or run in the laboratory.
  3. Read the instructions carefully to familiarize yourself with the possible hazards before handling equipment and materials.
  4. Handle equipment and materials with care.
  5. Do not hesitate to consult your teacher in case of any doubt.
  6. Do not temper the electrical appliances and other fittings in the laboratory.
  7. Report any accident or injuries immediately to your teacher.
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