Find the base quantities involved in each of the following derived quantities:

(a) speed

(b) volume

(c) force

(d) work

Difficulty: Medium

(a) Speed:

Speed = $\frac{\time{length}}{\time{time}}$

unit of speed = ms-1

Base quantities involved in speed are metres and second.


(b) Volume:

Volume = length $\times$ width $\times$ height

Volume = m $\times$ m $\times$ m = m3

Base quantity involved in volume is metre.


(c) Force:

F = ma

1N = 1 kg $\times$ 1

1N = 1 kg


(d) Work:

Work done = Force × displacement

W = FS        ……… (i)

1J = 1N $\times$ 1 m

1J = 1 kg $\times$ 1 m

1J = 1 kg

Base quantities involved in work are kilogramme, metre, and second.

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