Describe the different branches of physics?

Difficulty: Medium

Branches of physics:

1. Mechanics; It is the study of the motion of objects, their causes, and their effects.

2. Heat: Deals with the nature of heat modes of transfer and effects of heat.

3. Sound: It deals with, the physical aspects of sound waves, their production, properties, and applications

4. Light (Optics): It is the study of physical aspects of light, its properties, working, and use of optical instruments.

5. Electricity and Magnetism: It is the study of the charges at rest and in motion, their effects, and their relationship with magnetism.

6. Atomic Physics: It is the study of the structure and properties of atoms.

7. Nuclear Physics: It deals with the properties and behavior of nuclei and the particles within the nuclei.

8. Plasma Physics: It is the study of production, and properties of the ionic state of matter - the fourth state of matter.

9. Geophysics: It is the study of the internal structure of the Earth.

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