Describe the crucial role of physics in science, technology, and society?

Difficulty: Easy

The crucial role of physics in science, technology, and society:

 The rapid progress in science during recent years has become possible due to the discoveries and inventions in the field of Physics. The technologies are the applications of scientific principles. Most of the technologies of our modern ° society throughout the world are related to Physics.


  1. A car is made on the principles of mechanics and a refrigerator is based on the principles of thermodynamics.
  2. Consider pulleys that make it easy to lift heavy loads.
  3. Electricity is used not only to get light and heat but also mechanical energy that drives fans and electric motors etc.
  4. Consider the means of transportation such as cars and airplanes; domestic appliances such as air-conditioners, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing, machines, microwave ovens, etc.
  5. Similarly, the means of communication such as radio, TV, telephone, and computer are the result of applications of Physics. These devices have made out lives much easier, faster, and more comfortable than in the past.
  6. A mobile phone allows us to contact people anywhere in the world and to get the latest worldwide information. We can take and save pictures, and send and receive messages from our friends. We can also receive radio transmission and can use it as an e calculator as well.
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