Identify the importance of the location of Pakistan.

Difficulty: Medium

     Pakistan is a vast country which, in the south, stretches from the coasts of the Arabian Sea and Deltaic Plains of the River Indus to the high mountain ranges in the north.


     The eastern and southern part is covered with the river plains whereas western and northern part consists of many high mountain ranges.


      Based on temperature, there are such areas in Pakistan, where it remains either hot or cold throughout the year. That’s why the climate of Pakistan exhibits considerable seasonal variations.


     The plains here are famous for their fertility and high agricultural production. Almost all types of fruits are grown here which are considered among the best in the world concerning taste.

Ideal Environment:

      Pakistan is fortunate because Allah has blessed it with an ideal physical environment. The physical environment has significant effects on the economic, social culture and other activities of the people living there. The physical environment comprises location, relief features and climate etc.