Elaborate how does climate affect human life?

Difficulty: Medium

The Effects of Climate on Human Life:

Climate affects human life deeply. All the human activities are affected by climate. All the economic, social, cultural, political and commercial activities, most of the people living in any country, depend mostly to a great extent upon the climate.


Effects of Climate in Plain Areas:

There is intensity in a climate of the plain areas of Pakistan. It means that summers are hot and winters are cold. This type of climate is very useful for different kinds of crops, vegetables and fruits. Plain areas are made up by the soil that the rivers bring along with them. That’s why they are very fertile. These are densely populated areas.


Source of Income:

The income of the people living in plain areas depends upon agriculture and the industry associated with agriculture. The economic condition of the inhabitants is comparatively better. They enjoy better economic circumstances. These areas have better facilities for transportation and communication. People enjoy better facilities.