Describe the importance of Coastal Region of Pakistan.

Difficulty: Medium

Coastal Areas:

         Pakistan coastal belt starts from the borders of India in Sindh and stretches towards Iran in the west.

Sea Ports:

            This coastal region has important ports. Karachi is the largest and oldest seaport. The other ports include Port Qasim, Gawadar etc.

Coastal Highway:

                The Government has constructed the Coastal Highway to connect Karachi with Gawadar. It is providing very useful for the commercial activities of the area.

Weather Condition:

              It rains mostly in the months of winter on the Makran coast. It is moderate and dry throughout the year. There is much humidity on the coastal areas of Sindh. There is uncertainty about rain. Forests of mangrove are found to the east of the Delta of the River Indus.

Fish Industry:

           There are very important for the fish industry. They also slow down sea-waves. Fishing is the major profession of people.