Describe the different types of translator motion? 

Difficulty: Medium

Types of translator motion:

Translator motions can be divided into linear motion, circular motion, and random motion.


1. Linear motion:

The straight-line motion of a body is known as its linear motion.


The motion of objects such as a car moving on a straight and level road is linear motion.

Airplanes flying straight in the air and objects falling vertically down are also examples of linear motion.


2. Circular motion:

The motion of an object in a circular path is known as circular motion


A stone tied at the end of a string can be made to whirl. The stone moves in a circle and thus has a circular motion.

A toy train moving on a circular track. A bicycle or a car moving along a circular track possesses circular motion. The motion of the Earth around the Sun and the motion of the moon around the Earth are also examples of circular motions.


3. Random motion:

The disordered or irregular motion of an object is called random motion.


The motion of insects and birds is irregular. Thus, the motion of insects and birds is random.

The motion of dust or smoke particles in the air is also random.

The Brownian motion of a gas or liquid molecules along a zig-zag path is also an example of random motion.

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