Write a note on the effects and results of Election 1965

Difficulty: Hard

Election of Basic Democrats:

The Then President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Ayub Khan, under the system of Basic Democracies, conducted elections to elect 80,000 Basic Democrats in 1960 and got his Presidency confirmed by these members of Basic Democracies.


  The team of the members of Basic Democracies was going to expire in 1965. So, they were re-elected in November 1964.

Electoral College:

Under the Constitution of 1962, these members formed the Electoral College for the election of President, National, and Provincial Assemblies. Ayub Khan announced that Presidential elections would be held in January 1965.

Winner of Election:

According to public opinion, Ayub Khan won the election through indirect Methods of Election, manipulation, and rigging. So, the presidential Elections in 1965 were against the wishes of the people.


Effects of Elections 1965:

Criticism of Basic Democracies System:

 People began to criticize the Basic Democracies System introduced by Ayub Khan. It was openly said that no one could win elections against Ayub Khan in the prevailing system.

Rejection of the System:

Ayub Khan strangulated democracy. Therefore, the people rejected this system. This brought a tremendous decline in Ayub’s Khan popularity.

Coordination Campaign Against Ayub Khan:

The basic Democracies System proved an important factor of Ayub Khan’s downfall. All the political parties of the opposition blamed Ayub Khan for manipulation in these so-called Elections and launched a public coordination campaign for the restoration of democracy in the country.