Explain breaking force and skidding of vehicles?

Difficulty: Medium

Skidding of vehicles:

       Skids usually occur while driving the clutch is suddenly engaged or disengaged, the brakes are applied too hard, the vehicle accelerates too quickly or the steering wheel is turned too sharply. These can create a situation where power, either too much or too little, causes a loss of traction.

          If the brakes are applied too strongly, the wheels of the car will lock up (stop turning) and the car will skid due to its large momentum. It will lose its directional control which may result in an accident. To reduce the chance of skidding, it is advisable not to apply brakes too hard that lock up their rolling motion, especially at high speed.


Mini Exercise:


1. In which case do you need smaller force and why?

Ans:  In the case of rolling friction we need a smaller force. Because the rolling friction is lesser than sliding friction.


2. In which case it is easy for the tire to roll over?

  1. Rough ground
  2. Smooth ground

Ans:  On the smooth ground, it is easy for the tire to roll over due to less friction.