Write a story "Once a liar Always a Liar".

Difficulty: Easy

Once a Liar Always a Liar

Once, a shepherd lived in a jungle near a village. One day, he thought of a trick. He shouted “Wolf! Wolf!.” The villagers with heavy sticks ran to his help. But they found no wolf there. The shepherd stood laughing. The villagers were unhappy but went away.

After a few days, he did the same joke. The villagers again came to help him. But they got angry at his joke. After a month, a wolf actually came there. The shepherd at the top of his voice cried. “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” but the villagers paid a deaf ear to his cries.

After a few days, they went off to the jungle. They saw him along with many sheep torn into pieces. His joke had brought him death.


  1. Once a liar, always a liar
  2. Never tell a lie
  3. A liar is always punished