Write a paragraph on the topic "Why I love Pakistan?"

Difficulty: Medium

Why I love Pakistan?

It is quite natural to love one's country. Everybody likes the place where he lives. I love Pakistan because it is my country. Our forefathers got this homeland after great sacrifices. They fought for a separate homeland and had lost their lives.

I love Pakistan because it is the most beautiful country in the world. It has pleasant weather mighty mountains, ocean, rivers, green fields, and historical places. It is my fatherland. My forefather was born here; they lived, loved, and died here. They cultivated its soil and tasted its fruit. It has a beautiful sky and lovely sunsets. It has given me food and comfort. It has given me a piece of land, which I can call my own Pakistan the home of great warriors, poets, statesmen, and artists. Pakistanis are brave, courageous, and honest people in the world. They have courage and faith, which a few people have.

I love Pakistan for its natural resources I also love Pakistan for the bright future in the community of nations.