Use the following words in sentences first as verbs and then as nouns.

care, walk, surprise, request, need, state

Difficulty: Medium

Care (V)

She takes care of her children.

Care (N)

He is free from cares.

Walk (V)

He is too weak to walk.

Walk (N)

Let's go for a walk.

Surprise (V)

At night to surprise the rebels.

Surprise (N)

I have a surprise for you.

Request (V)

I requested him to help me in this matter.

Request (N)

He made a request for further aid.

Need (V)

I need your help.

Need (N)

We are in urgent need of nurses for this hospital.

State (V)

The facts have been clearly stated in this report

State (N)

She is in a state of shock.