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Number and Origin of Clamshell Tools Found at Different Depths below the Surface in Neanderthal Cave
Depth of tools found below the surface in a cave (meters) Clamshells that Neanderthals collected from the beach Clamshells that Neanderthals harvested from the seafloor
2-3 7 0
3-4 99 33
4-5 2 0
5-6 18 7
6-7 1 0

Two kinds of clamshell tools used by Neanderthals were dug up in a cave on the western coast of Italy. Archaeologist Paola Villa and her colleagues studied the tools and determined that Neanderthals either collected clams that had washed onto the beach or harvested clams from the seafloor and then sharpened the shells to make tools. The highest number of tools made from clamshells that were collected from the beach was found at a depth of _______

Which choice most effectively uses data from the table to complete the text?
Difficulty: Easy

5-6 meters below the surface.


4-5 meters below the surface.


3-4 meters below the surface.


6-7 meters below the surface.

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