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Credited Film Output of James Young Deer, Dark Cloud, Edwin Carewe, and Lillian St. Cyr
Individual Years Active Number of films known and commonly credited
James Young Deer 1909–1924 33 (actor), 35 (director), 10 (writer)
Dark Cloud 1910–1920 35 (actor), 1 (writer)
Edwin Carewe 1912–1934 47 (actor), 58 (director), 20 (producer), 4 (writer)
Lillian St. Cyr (Red Wing) 1908–1921 66 (actor)
Some researchers studying Indigenous actors and filmmakers in the United States have turned their attention to the early days of cinema, particularly the 1910s and 1920s, when people like James Young Deer, Dark Cloud, Edwin Carewe, and Lillian St. Cyr (known professionally as Red Wing) were involved in one way or another with numerous films. So many films and associated records for this era have been lost that count of those four figures’ output should be taken as bare minimums rather than totals; it’s entirely possible, for example, that ________
Which choice most effectively uses data from the table to complete the example? 


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Dark Cloud acted in significantly fewer films than did Lillian St. Cyr, who is credited with 66 performances.


Edwin Carewe’s 47 credited acting roles includes only films made after 1934.


Lillian St. Cyr acted in far more than 66 films and Edwin Carewe directed more than 58.


James Young Deer actually directed 33 films and acted in only 10.

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