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While researching a topic, a student has taken the following notes:

* Mexican tetras are a fish species with two distinct populations.
* Surface-dwelling tetras live on the surface and are able to see.
* Cave-dwelling tetras live in total darkness and have lost the ability to see.
* Cave-dwelling tetras have asymmetrical skulls with more sensory receptors on one side than the other.
* These receptors help cave-dwelling tetras navigate in darkness.

The student wants to emphasize a difference between surface-dwelling and cave-dwelling tetras. Which choice most effectively uses relevant information from the notes to accomplish this goal?
Difficulty: Medium

Surface-dwelling and cave-dwelling tetras may belong to the same species, but they are quite different.


Cave-dwelling tetras can no longer see but use sensory receptors on their skulls to navigate.


Mexican tetras are a fish species with two distinct populations: surface-dwelling tetras and cave-dwelling tetras.


Surface-dwelling tetras can see, whereas cave-dwelling tetras cannot.

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