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While researching a topic, a student has taken the following notes:

* In 1851, German American artist Emanuel Leutze painted Washington Crossing the Delaware.
* His huge painting (149 x 255 inches) depicts the first US president crossing a river with soldiers in the Revolutionary War.
* In 2019, Cree artist Kent Monkman painted mistikosiwak (Wooden Boat People): Resurgence of the People.
* Monkman's huge painting (132 x 264 inches) was inspired by Leutze's.
* It portrays Indigenous people in a boat rescuing refugees.

The student wants to emphasize a similarity between the two paintings. Which choice most effectively uses relevant information from the notes to accomplish this goal?
Difficulty: Medium

Monkman, a Cree artist, finished his painting in 2019; Leutze, a German American artist, completed his in 1851.


Although Monkman's painting was inspired by Leutze's, the people and actions the two paintings portray are very different.


Leutze's and Monkman's paintings are both huge, measuring 149 x 255 inches and 132 x 264 inches, respectively.


Leutze's painting depicts Revolutionary War soldiers, while Monkman's depicts Indigenous people and refugees.

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