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The following text is adapted from Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto's 1925 memoir A Daughter of the Samurai. As a young woman, Sugimoto moved from feudal Japan to the United States.

The standards of my own and my adopted country differed so widely in some ways, and my love for both lands was so sincere, that sometimes I had an odd feeling of standing upon a cloud in space, and gazing with measuring eyes upon two separate worlds. At first I was continually trying to explain, by Japanese standards, all the queer things that came every day before my surprised eyes; for no one seemed to know the origin or significance of even the most familiar customs, nor why they existed and were followed.

Which choice best describes the main purpose of the text?
Difficulty: Medium

To convey the narrator's experience of observing and making sense of differences between two cultures she embraces


To establish the narrator's hope of forming connections with new companions by sharing customs she learned as a child


To reveal the narrator's recognition that she is hesitant to ask questions about certain aspects of a culture she is newly encountering


To emphasize the narrator's wonder at discovering that the physical distance between two countries is greater than she had expected

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