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Describe basic difference between the foundation of Pakistan and other independent countries.

Difficulty: Easy

Pakistan came into existence on 14th of August, 1947 during the twentieth century, many nations got freedom, and many free independent states emerged on the map of the world. Pakistan is also one of those countries, but the foundation of Pakistan was altogether unique and unprecedented.

The basis of the Foundation of other independent countries:

          Most of the countries got freedom on a racial, linguistic or territorial basis. Pakistan is the only country which came into being based on a strong ideology.

The basis of the Foundation of Pakistan:

        The basis of the ideology of Pakistan lies in the religion of Islam which guides the Muslims in every sphere of life. Islamic way of living encompasses all aspects of human life. It has a basic principle concerning social, moral, political, religious and economic fields. The Islamic system is based on the Holy Quran. Die Sunnah of the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and the Ahaadith. This very system was declared the basis of Pakistan.

Describe the meanings and definition of the Ideology of Pakistan.

Difficulty: Hard

Meanings of the Ideology of Pakistan:

        The Muslims ruled the Sub-continent for centuries. They continued living freely according to the teachings of their religion. The establishment of British rule caused harm to the free status of Muslims and Islam. During their reign, the Muslims were oppressed. When the British rule was near its end, it was evident that the Hindu majority government will be formed in the Sub-continent. It was feared that after getting rid of the temporary slavery of the British, the Muslims will become permanent slaves of the Hindus.

Efforts of Muslim Dignities:

        Many Muslim dignitaries including Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Rahmatullah) and Allama Muhammad Iqbal (Rahmatullah) started their efforts for the security of dignity and freedom of the Muslim community in the Subcontinent. As a result of these dignified personalities. Pakistan came into being.

Definition of the Ideology of Pakistan:

        If we keep the definition of the ideology in view, we can easily understand the meanings of the ideology of Pakistan.

  1. The ideology of Pakistan is the name of creating a society based on the principles of the Quran and Sunnah
  2. The ideology of Pakistan is the name of practising the principles of Islam. It is also the name of thinking to get the laboratory to test three principles.
  3. The ideology of Pakistan is the name of steps that were taken for the security of the political, social, cultural and economic values of the Muslims.
  4. The ideology of Pakistan is the name of practical efforts for establishing the rule of Islam and strengthening the unity among the Muslims, without losing the national (Mile) identity.
  5. The ideology of Pakistan is the name of a welfare state where the welfare of the people is considered.


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