Mashaal Masha
Hip-hop pedagogy is a form of teaching that's gaining popularity across school subjects. It involves incorporating hip-hop and rap music into lessons as well as using hip-hop elements when teaching other subject matters. For example, Quan Nelems's students look for college-level vocabulary and historical events in rap songs. Researchers claim that in addition to developing students' social justice awareness, hip-hop pedagogy encourages student success by raising students' interest and engagement.

Which finding, if true, would most strongly support the underlined claim?
Difficulty: Easy

Students tend to be more enthusiastic about rap music than they are about hip-hop music.


Students who are highly interested in social justice issues typically don't sign up for courses that incorporate hip-hop and rap music.


Educators report that they enjoy teaching courses that involve hip-hop and rap music more than teaching courses that don't.


Courses that incorporate hip-hop and rap music are among the courses with the highest enrollment and attendance rates.

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