Mashaal Masha
The following text is from Maggie Pogue Johnson's 1910 poem "Poet of Our Race." In this poem, the speaker is addressing Paul Laurence Dunbar, a Black author.

Thou, with stroke of mighty pen,
Hast told of joy and mirth,
And read the hearts and souls of men
As cradled from their birth.
The language of the flowers,
Thou hast read them all,
And e'en the little brook
Responded to thy call.

Which choice best states the main purpose of the text?
Difficulty: Hard

To praise a certain writer for being especially perceptive regarding people and nature


To establish that a certain writer has read extensively about a variety of topics


To call attention to a certain writer's careful and elaborately detailed writing process


To recount fond memories of an afternoon spent in nature with a certain writer

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