Mashaal Masha
"The Rock and the Sea" is an 1893 poem by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In the poem, a rock is portrayed as intending to confront and restrain the sea: _______

Which quotation from "The Rock and the Sea" most effectively illustrates the claim?
Difficulty: Easy

"I am the Rock. Black midnight falls; / The terrible breakers rise like walls; / With curling lips and gleaming teeth / They plunge and tear at my bones beneath."


"I am the Sea. I hold the land / As one holds an apple in his hand, / Hold it fast with sleepless eyes, / Watching the continents sink and rise."


"I am the Rock, presumptuous Sea! / am set to encounter thee. / Angry and loud or gentle and still, / am set here to limit thy power, and ! will!"


"I am the Sea. The earth ! sway; / Granite to me is potter's clay; / Under the touch of my careless waves / It rises in turrets and sinks in caves."

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