Mashaal Masha
Martin Dancak, Wewin Tijasmanto, and colleagues have identified a new carnivorous plant species (Nepenthes pudica) in Indonesia. Like other carnivorous plants, N. pudica has pitfall traps, or pitchers, that capture prey, but unlike others, the pitchers of N. pudica are located underground. The researchers unearthed the new species on fairly dry ridges with surfaces that host few other plants and animals. Therefore, the researchers hypothesize that the N. pudica species likely ________

Which choice most logically completes the text?
Difficulty: Easy

represents one of many undiscovered carnivorous plant species in the region.


formed pitchers early in development to absorb more moisture.


is buried by nearby animals as they forage along the ridges for food.


evolved to have underground traps to access more prey than would surface traps.

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