Mashaal Masha
"The Young Girl" is a 1920 short story by Katherine Mansfield. In the story, the narrator takes an unnamed seventeen-year-old girl and her younger brother out for a meal. In describing the teenager, Mansfield frequently contrasts the character's pleasant appearance with her unpleasant attitude, as when Mansfield writes of the teenager, ________

Which quotation from "The Young Girl" most effectively illustrates the claim?
Difficulty: Hard

"I heard her murmur, "I can't bear flowers on a table.' They had evidently been giving her intense pain, for she positively closed her eyes as I moved them away."


"While we waited she took out a little, gold powder-box with a mirror in the lid, shook the poor little puff as though she loathed it, and dabbed her lovely nose."


"I saw, after that, she couldn't stand this place a moment longer, and, indeed, she jumped up and turned away while I went through the vulgar act of paying for the tea."


"She didn't even take her gloves off. She lowered her eyes and drummed on the table. When a faint violin sounded she winced and bit her lip again. Silence."

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