Mashaal Masha
The Haitian Declaration of Independence was issued in 1804, bringing to an end the revolution against colonial France that began in 1791. Written in French, which was not the first language of most Haitians but which was used throughout Europe as the language of international diplomacy, the declaration notes that Haiti will not bring rebellion to other Caribbean nations, promises to respect the sovereignty of its neighbors--widely understood as a reassurance to the United States--and sets up Haiti as an example for future struggles against colonizers (an implicit reference to the many colonies then found in the Americas). So even though the declaration is explicitly addressed to the Haitian people, it's reasonable to conclude that _______

Which choice most logically completes the text?
Difficulty: Medium

aspects of the declaration were modeled on similar documents from other countries.


the French government may have been surprised by the declaration.


many Haitian people opposed the revolution and the declaration.


the declaration actually had several intended audiences.

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