Objectives Type Questions with Answers



Q1.  Fill in the blanks to make an appropriate statement.

  1. Only a Muslim could be the­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­­______ of Pakistan under the 1956 constitution.
  2. Islam was declared to be the state religion under the _________ Constitution of Pakistan.
  3. The Republic of Pakistan was renamed as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan through an amendment under the ________ Constitution of Pakistan.
  4. Under the _________ Constitution, only a Muslim could be the President of Pakistan.
  5. The Prophet (PBUH) remitted the interest accruing on the debts run by his uncle __ Bin Muttalib.


No. Answer No. Answer
1. President 2. 1973
3. 1962 4. 1973
5. Abbas  




Q2. Fill in the blanks by putting one of three alternatives given in the bracket against each question.

  1. Under the ________ amendment, the Objectives Resolution was made a part of the text of the 1973 constitution.

(First, second, 8th)

  1. Only a Muslim could be the ______ of Pakistan under the 1962 constitution

(President, Prime Minister, President and Prime Minister)

  1. The Prophet (PBUH) said “I absolved the price of the blood of my family member __________. “

(Abdul Muttalib, Rabi-a-bin-Harith (RA), Zaid-bin-Sabit (RA))

  1. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “I am leaving among you two things _________ and my Sunnah”. (The Holy Quran, Prayers, Fast)


No. Answer No. Answer
1. 8th 2. President
3. Rabi a-bin-Harith (RA) 4. The Holy Quran







Q3. Indicate whether the statement is TRUE or FALSE; put a circle around the correct answer.

  1. The 1962 constitution asserts that Islam is the basis of Pakistan.


  1. Arabs are superiors to non-Arabs


  1. The Prophet (PBUH) was offered the seat of governmental authority at Makkah in the third year of prophethood.


  1. An Islamic state can be established merely by proclaiming Islamic law.


  1. Nizam-e-Zakat was implemented on June 20, 1980.



No Answer No Answer No Answer No Answer
5. TRUE            


Q4. Put the right parts together.

No          Column A        Column B
1. The Objectives Resolution Taqwa
2. The Lahore Resolution The Arab
3. The non-Arab March 1949
4. Standard of superiority 1215
5. The Magna Carta March 1940



No. Answer No Answer
1. March 1949 2. March 1940
3. The Arab 4. Taqwa
5. 1215