Objective Type Questions with Answers



Q1. Fill in the blanks to make an appropriate statement.

  1. __________ said that history is the memory of a nation.
  2. Hafiz Mahmood Sherani believed that ______________ is the mother of Urdu.
  3. Fort William College was founded at Calcutta in the year ____________.
  4. In the year ________Urdu was adopted as the language of the civil courts in India.
  5. __________ is generally held to be the first Punjabi poet.
  6. ______ is the first South Asian language, Quran was rendered into.
  7. Ahmad Shah Abdali (RA) was also a nice ____________ poet.
  8. Khushhal Khan Khatak Is one of the greatest __________ poets.
  9. Balochi poet _________ was Ghalib’s contemporary.
  10. Pushto alphabetic characters are _____.
No,         Answer No.           Answer
1. Allama Iqbal 2. Punjabi
3. 1800 4. 1837
5. Baba Farid-ud-Din Ganj Shakar 6. Sindhi
7. Pushto 8. Pushto
9. Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Naik  




Q2. Fill in the blanks by putting one of the three alternatives given in the bracket against each question.

  1. According to Sayyad Sulaiman Nadavi’s (RA) research Urdu is the developed form of the ________ language.

(Sindhi, Punjabi, Persian)

  1. Maulana Muhammad Hussain Azad (RA) believed that language is the major source from which Urdu was derived ___________.

(Sindhi, Persian, Urdu)

  1. Mulla Wajihi’s _________ is the first book of Urdu prose.

(Bagh-o-Bahar, Fasana-e-Ajaib, Sub-Ras)

  1. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitati passed away in the year _________.

(1857, 1752, 1989)

  1. Sheikh Ayaz enjoys a unique position in ______________ literature.

(Sindhi, Pushto, Punjabi)

  1. _________ for the first time adopted Arabic script for Pushto in Mahmood Ghaznavi’s days.

(Saifullah, Khushhal Khatak, Hashim Shah)

  1. Khushhal Khan Khatak wrote __________- books.

(60, 260, 30)

  1. Hanni Sahiban Mureed is a classic of __________ literature.

(Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi)

  1. Mirza Sahiban was written by ___________.

(Shah Hussain, Fazal Shah, Hafiz Barkhurdar)


No.        Answer No.        Answer
1. Sindh 2. Persian
3. Sub-Ras 4. 1752
5. Sindhi 6. Saifullah
7. 360 8. Balochi
9. Hafiz Barkhurdar 10. Vicholi







Q3. Indicate whether the statement is TRUE or FALSE; put a circle around the correct answer.

  1. The Quaid-e-Azam (RA) said Urdu and only Urdu can be the national language of Pakistan.


  1. Small tracts written by The Muslim Saints are probably the first written works in the Urdu language.


  1. Al-Beruni gave Punjabi the name of Al-Hndiya


  1. The story of Sohni Mahinwal was rendered into poetry by Waris Shah (RA)


  1. Sachal Sarmast (RA) composed nine hundred thousand couplets.



No Answer No Answer No Answer No Answer




Q4. Put the right parts together.

No            Column A            Column B
1. Abdul-Hasan Sindhi (RA) Abdul Latif Bhitai (RA)
2. Shah Jo Risalo Arabic spirit
3. Mirza Qalich Baig 400 books
4. Longworth Pushto
5. Kharoshti script Balochi scholar



No.     Column A           Column B
1. Abdul-Hasan Sindhi (RA) Arabic spirit
2. Shah Jo Risalo Abdul Latif Bhitai (RA)
3. Mirza Qalich Baig 400 books
4. Long worth Balochi scholar
5. Kharoshti script Pushto