Objective Questions with Answers

Q1. Fill in the blanks to make an appropriate statement.

  1. Ibn-e-Khaldun used the term _________- for the sentiment of nationality.
  2. Centrifugal forces can be explained by giving the example of ___________.
  3. All Pakistani _________ are written in the same script.
  4. Our Country is a federation that comprises of __________ provinces.
  5. ____________ form of government inculcates in people a sense of participation and responsibility.



No.       Answer No.      Answer
1. Asabiah 2. Tube well
3. Languages 4. Four
5. Democratic




Q2. Fill in the blanks by putting one of the three alternatives given in the brackets each question.

  1. The Senate was first established under the ___________ constitution.

(1956, 1962, 1973)

  1. ____________ has been made the basis of representation in the National Assembly.

(Population, province, age)

  1. A stable political system can be established only by giving the provincial governments _________ powers.

(Adequate, less, unlimited)

  1. ____________ was another name for the practical programme of Islamization in the Sub-continent.

(Pakistan Ideology)

  1. ___________ System of Government causes damage to national integrity.

(Dictatorial, democratic, parliamentary)


No.      Answer No.    Answer
1. 1956 2. Province
3. Adequate 4. Constitution
5. Dictatorial







Q3. Indicate whether the statement is TRUE or FALSE; put a circle around the correct answer.

  1. All the people who struggled for Pakistan belonged to the same ethnic group.


  1. Punjabi had become a symbol of Muslim national identity during the days of the Pakistan Movement.


  1. To promote national integration the provinces should be redefined as administrative units and not based on cultural identity.


  1. The bi-cameral legislature was for the first time established under the 1956 constitution.


  1. The problem of provincial autonomy has been amicably solved under the 1973 constitution.



No Answer No Answer No Answer No Answer




Q4. Put the right parts together.

No.         Column A              Column B
1. Asabiah Danger of disintegration
2. Centrifugal Democratic system
3. Sense of participation Ibn-e-Khaldun
4. Provincial autonomy Away from the centre
5. Ethnic nationalism Constitution 1973



No.            Column A          Column B
1. Asabiah Ibn-e-Khaldun
2. Centrifugal Away from the centre
3. Sense of participation Democratic system
4. Provincial autonomy Constitution 1973
5. Ethnic nationalism Danger of disintegration